Labor Law

Lawyer for labor law disputes Belgrade, Serbia.

Article 12 of the Serbian Labor Law (ZOR) prescribes the employee’s right to safety and health at work, as well as health care. From this right of the employee arises the obligation of the employer to organize work and provide working conditions in such a way as to fully ensure employee safety, health and health …

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Minimalna zarada

Employees in state institutions (education, health, etc.) who are assigned to jobs as: cleaners, janitors, burners, maintenance technicians, they are entitled to a minimum wage.   The employer is obliged to pay the minimum wage to the employee in the amount determined on the basis of the decision on the minimum labor price valid for …

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Zabrana ulaska u Nemacku

Our law office successfully represents clients in proceedings for lifting (deleting) the ban on entry into the Federal Republic of Germany and other Schengen countries. The Schengen area consists of the signatory countries to the Schengen Agreement, which provides for the free movement of people and goods within the signatory states. Today, the countries signatories …

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