Divorce is, in addition to the death of a spouse and the annulment of a marriage, one of the three ways in which a marriage can end. The so-called procedure, Divorce litigation, if there are joint children of the spouses in the marriage, is considered urgent by the law, which means that it should end faster than other litigation proceedings. Unfortunately, due to the overcrowding of courts, the principle of urgency is not always fully respected. Divorce lawyer.


There are two ways to get a divorce. One, much easier and faster is a consensual divorce. In such a procedure, the spouses conclude a draft agreement, which they submit to the court, and these procedures, as a rule, end in one hearing. What is important is to respect the form of such an agreement, ie. that the spouses reach an agreement in it regarding the distribution of the joint property of the spouses and the exercise of parental rights.


However, given the complexity of family relationships and all the problems that divorce brings, concluding an agreement is often not possible and the only remaining way is to file a lawsuit. It is clear that in Serbian legal system there is no possibility that your spouse “will not divorce” as we can often hear in foreign movies and series. Simply, if the spouses do not agree on the text of the divorce agreement, one of them can initiate a divorce lawsuit with a lawsuit and thus obtain a judgment by which the marriage is divorced.


It is important to point out that there are mechanisms to end divorce proceedings in cases where the residence / stay of one spouse is unknown, when he / she is abroad or when for any other reason he / she cannot or does not want to participate in the procedure.


Family law broadly defines situations when one spouse has the right to sue, and that is the case when marital relations are seriously and permanently disrupted and when the union of life cannot be objectively realized. It is important to point out that the community of life exists even if the spouses live separately for a long time (eg because of work), but there is an emotional, economic or any other type of connection between them from which it is concluded that these persons intend to continue marital union.


In practice, it is not possible for a court not to allow a single spouse to divorce because it has not proved that family relations are seriously and permanently disrupted or that the union of life cannot be objectively achieved. By the fact that one spouse is seeking a divorce, it is clear that at least one of these conditions has been met.


A lawsuit or a proposal for a divorce agreement is submitted to the competent court. During the divorce proceedings, the court will examine the competent center for social work, which will interview parents and children, about the opinion on which parent should exercise parental rights, or during the proceedings, evidence will be presented by an expert by a psychiatrist and / or a clinical psychologist who will give his opinion on which parent should exercise parental rights.


Certainly, given that family law is a particularly sensitive topic and that the most sensitive human rights are usually decided in divorce lawsuits, it is necessary that such proceedings be initiated and led by an expert, in which our team with many years of experience and your protect rights in the best possible way.