Lawyer for probate proceedings in Germany

Law office “Živković & Dakić” Belgrade, through correspondent offices,with the great success represents clients in inheritance proceedings in front of the German authorities.


If a person close to you has passed away, and has lived and worked in Germany, we will help you successfully carry out the probate/inheritance procedure. By this we mean: collecting all the necessary documentation from the authorities in Germany and Serbia, collecting data on property, initiating and conducting probate proceedings.


In addition, if we conclude that it is possible for the procedure to be conducted in Serbia, and that in this particular case it is easier and more acceptable for you, we will represent you before the courts in any municipality in the Republic of Serbia. If, on the other hand, that is not possible, our office has extensive experience in working with the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, and we will conduct the procedure before the competent authorities there.


It is very important to know that the inheritance law of Germany has several important differences in relation to the Serbian one. For that reason, it is necessary that, if you have any doubts, you consult an expert in that area of law. In this way, you will avoid any unforeseen circumstances during the procedure or the expiration of the deadline for exercising your rights.


We advise you to contact our office by e-mail: or phone +381 66 94 111 98 as soon as you find out that there is a possibility to be declared a successor.