Automobile Liability Insurance

The traffic accident, without exception, as a result it leaves material damageto the motor vehicle. (Insurance lawyer.) Whether two or more vehicles were involved in the traffic accident, or whether the damage was caused to a greater or lesser extent, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Obligations, the damage must be compensated. If you suffer material damage, you have the right to compensation from the person who caused the traffic accident. The questions we encounter with our clients are:


When can compensation be claimed?

Who determines the amount of damage?

How soon can damages be expected?

What legal remedies can be available in case of inadequate amount of compensation paid?



Since when can compensation be claimed in the event of a traffic accident?


Compensation for damages and the procedure in case of damage resulting from a traffic accident was facilitated by the fact that the Law on Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance prescribes compulsory insurance of motor vehicle owners against liability for damage caused to third parties. This type of insurance is motor third party liability insurance, and in the following text we will teach you how you can exercise your rights with our professional legal assistance. Therefore, when registering a motor vehicle, the owner, by purchasing a motor third party liability insurance policy, ensures that the insurance with which he concluded the contract will compensate for the damage he caused to his motor vehicle. In practice, this means that the claim for damages will be sent to the insurance company with which the pest has concluded a contract on motor third party liability insurance. Our law office, in order to maximize the payment of damages and represent the interests of our clients, provides professional legal assistance in the form of collecting the necessary documentation from all relevant government agencies and institutions, compiles claims, represents victims in out-of-court compensation (peaceful proceedings) and in all court proceedings related to a traffic accident.


Who determines the amount of damage to your vehicle and how will we fully protect your rights when assessing the amount of damage?


Initially, the amount of damage to your motor vehicle is determined by the insurance company’s assessors by compiling a report on the damage. On the basis of the mentioned minutes, the amount of material damage that the insurance reserves for payment to the injured party is specified. What if you are not satisfied with the contents of the damage report and the determined amount of damage? Our law office, in cooperation with eminent car services and car forensic experts, submits a Complaint to the damage report, in order to correctly, detailed and comprehensive calculation of the amount of damage in order to collect the damage in full. Therefore, we advise you to take a detailed picture and document all the damage that occurred on your motor vehicle, in order to determine the actual amount of material damage to your motor vehicle based on the available photo documentation.


What are the deadlines for payment of damages?


The insurance company is obliged to determine the basis and amount within 14 days from the receipt of the claim, and to submit an offer for payment of damages. It often happens in practice that insurance companies pay only a part of the total material damage, which is considered the undisputed amount of damage, which essentially means that the basis of the claim is not disputable, but that it is necessary to additionally determine the entire extent of damage. With the help of all available legal means, we manage to get our clients maximum amounts in the name of damages.


What legal remedies can be available in case of inadequate amount of compensation paid?


The injured party has the right to object in the out-of-court compensation procedure (peaceful procedure). The complaint is submitted to the commission of the insurance company, which has the obligation to make a decision on the complaint within the legal deadline of 15 days. If the interests of our clients are not fully satisfied by the decision on the complaint, we submit the complaint to the National Bank of Serbia in the name and on behalf of our clients. Also, if our client is not fully compensated in a peaceful procedure, we will successfully represent our clients in court proceedings for damages. If you have any doubts or want to find out more about your rights and how to collect damages, feel free to contact us.