Compensation for intangible damage in the event of a traffic accident

Participating in a car accident is a painful and stressful thing for every individual. The consequences can be temporary and mild, but they can also have lasting and serious consequences for the mental and physical health of a person who has survived a car accident.


Our law office has a lot of experience and with great success represents clients in proceedings for compensation of intangible damage resulting from a traffic accident, and in the best interest of clients ensures that the payment of monetary amounts of damages is fully compensated. The law stipulates that fair monetary compensation will be paid in case the injured party suffers: physical pain, mental pain suffered due to reduced life activity, disability, death of a loved one, as well as fear. The Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance prescribes the conditions under which the injured party can exercise the right to financial compensation.


Živković & Dakić law office (lawyer for compensation of intangible damage) on behalf of its clients submits compensation claims in out-of-court settlement procedure with insurance companies, obtains the Traffic Accident Investigation Record from the competent organizational unit of the RS MUP, obtains a sketch of the scene, complete photo documentation and police decisions of the competent authorities, encloses all medical documentation available to the injured party, and in this way our law firm successfully succeeds in adopting all compensation claims of our clients. Following and statistically analyzing the factual situation in the claims, it turned out that the most common injuries that our clients suffered in traffic accidents were twitching neck injuries, spasm injuries, and injuries of crushing various parts of the body.


Our law office warns that in order to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a traffic accident, it is very important to use a seat belt, as well as all the necessary safety equipment if you use a motorcycle for transportation. What has proven to be interesting and of great importance in practice, and refers to the use, ie. non-use of the seat belt is that if the expert service of the competent insurance companies determines that the injured party did not use the seat belt during the accident, it will calculate the injured party’s contribution to the severity of injuries, and simply say accordingly the amount paid will be lower than usual. If the competent insurance company does not pay the amount of money in the out-of-court procedure of compensation for intangible damages within the legally prescribed deadlines, our law office represents clients (injured parties) in all lawsuit proceedings for compensation of damages.